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Calibrating the CAMS European multi-model air quality forecasts for regional air pollution monitoring2022Casciaro G; Cavaiola M; Mazzino AATMOSPHERIC ENVIRONMENT
A method to assess safety and comfort for different ships types in a region of interest2022Gaggero T.; Bucciarelli F.; Besio G.; Mazzino A.; Villa D.OCEAN ENGINEERING
Mugilidae fish as bioindicator for monitoring plastic pollution: Comparison between a commercial port and a fishpond (north-western Mediterranean Sea)2022Reboa Anna; Cutroneo Laura; Consani Sirio; Geneselli Irene; Petrillo Mario; Besio Giovanni; Capello MarcoMARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN
Uncertainty assessment of significant wave height return levels downscaling for coastal application2022DE LEO Francesco; Enr('(i))quez Alejandra R.; Orfila Alejandro; Besio GiovanniAPPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH
Wave modeling with unstructured mesh for hindcast, forecast and wave hazard applications in the Mediterranean Sea2022Lira-Loarca A.; Caceres-Euse A.; De-Leo F.; Besio G.APPLIED OCEAN RESEARCH